Just how flowers and every month of the year are different, our rooms are modeled after the months of the year.
Each room filled with will also welcome you with hand painted Japanese style art on the ceilings
and "kakejiku" a Japanese style hanging scrolls to make you a relaxing and special atmosphere.
We hope you can feel the japanese "Wabi" and "Sabi" with the beauty of every season and experience
the heart touching moments.We will warmly welcome you cordially and hospitably.
* This facility is only use to adults, we only accept guests of Junior High School ages and older.
Children under 13 years old cannot be accommodated in this room.


A guest room example(1)

A guest room example(2)

A guest room example(3)

*This room with an open-air bath(Stone open air bath)

A guest room example(4)

*This room with an open-air bath(Hinoki (Japanese cypress))


Dinner in the room

Take pleasure in the original kaiseki cuisine "kishinzen" in your room.These luxurious dishes are created with local & seasonal ingredients.

* The food contents vary depending on the season.
* This meal is only available in rooms with open-air baths.
* Advance reservations are required for plans that include meals.


Stone open air bath

4 rooms with private open-air bath.

Hinoki(Japanese cypress) open air bath

2 rooms with private open-air bath.

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