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Theme parks

Tobu World Square
Tobu World Square exhibits miniature of 102 famous heritage and architectures of the world in the scale of 1/25. The exhibition includes 42 items of World Heritage registered by UNESCO.
Also, you will find miniature of140, 000 people in the area, and will notice uniqueness of every individual if you look at them closely and carefully.
Please enjoy detail works of those miniatures!

Business Hour:
Open throughout the year.
AM 9:00~PM 5:00
AM 9:00~PM 4:00(Nov. 11th~Mar. 19th.)
>>Please enter at least 1 hour before the closure.


Access from the Park Hotels:

Kinugawa-onsen Station~Kosagoe Station (4mins by Tobu Line 140yen)
~Walk approx. 8 minutes to the Tobu World Square.
Kinugawa-onsen Station (bus stop No.9)~Tobu World Square (5mins by bus, 200yen)

Nikko Edo Mura Village
When you enter the village:
The entrance (traditional sekisho, or checkpoint), Kabuki-mon is guarded by samurai (warrior) with swords and chonmage (shaved heads).
You will need to buy a pass called tegata and receive a guide written in English including a detailed map of Nikko Edo Mura at the ticket office.
It is an authentic reproduction of the daily life of Japan’s Edo Period. Those will be streets, shops, clothing of people, shopkeepers and teashop waitress, ticket collectors, hairstyle, Ryo currency (pre Yen currency), buildings and so on. You will feel as if you live in Japan’s Edo era (1603-1867) once you step into the Nikko Edo Mura village. Those details make the atmosphere of the village more realistic, and are often used as sets for TV commercials, dramas and movies.
Also, there are various entertainment such as shopping, food and live shows, in the area of.495, 000m2. These include traditional magic performances, comic and historical dramas, mock trial in a magistrate’s court, and Ninja aerial acrobatics (martial arts) staged along 400m wooden path. The contents of those performances and casts change every year.

Business Hour:

Open throughout the year.
9:00am to 17:00 (Mar. 20-Nov.30)
9:30am to 16:00 (Dec 1-Mar.19)
>> Please enter at least 1 hour before the closure.


Access from Park hotels:

Kinugawa-onsen Station (bus stop No.9)~Nikko Edo Mura village(15mins by bus, 400yen)

Downstream Cruise on Kinugawa River
The most famous tour route at Kinugawa is the downstream cruise on Kinugawa River. The best sceneries of Kinugawa can been seen while you are floating downstream of the river. Do you want to have a short exploration in the creek? Try our Downstream Kinugawa! You will enjoy the beautiful rhododendron on both sides of river in spring, feel the fresh green in summer and watch for gorgeous red leaves all over the mountains in fall. Reservations are needed. Taxi and shuttle bus are available after dropping the boat.

Access from Park hotels:
3 minutes on walk from Kinugawa Hot Spring Station

Monkey Mountain Cable Tram
It takes around 3 minutes of Cable Tram to get to the summit of Maruyama Mountain from foot of hill. Gorgeous scenery of Kinugawa valley and creek can be seen from the height of 738 meters above the sea level. More splendid will also be experienced at Kawaji of Kinugawa. Monkeys and deer are common to see greeting visitors.

Access from Park hotels:
5 minutes by Tobu Bus from Kinugawa Hot Spring Station to Kinugawa Hot Spring Cable Tram. 15 minutes walking distance from Kinugawa Park.

Nikko Grand Garden
Nikko Grand Garden is the biggest garden at north of Kanto with area of 4000 acres. Tourists will not only see in the greenhouses flowers of all seasons, but also flowers such as begoniaceae in 600 species. Bonsai is also our local specialty.

Access from Park hotels:
5 minutes by taxi from Kinugawa Hot Spring Station. 15 minutes on walk from Kosagoe Station

Trick Art Gallery, Holographic Photo Studio
Trick Art Gallery brings you incredible experience. Here visitors are allowed to touch the masterpieces and sculptures exhibited, feel the 3D illusion through 2D paintings, experience the extraordinary visual sensation when probing into the Egyptian Pyramid and swimming whales. The holographic photo studio introduces you into the magic world of cubic holography.

Access from Park hotels:
Take Tobu Bus from Kinugawa Hot Spring Station to Edo wonderland and then just 3 more minutes on walk after bus. Free parking.

3D Museum of Cosmos and Dinosaur
Through our visual and acoustic effects, tourists will feel like traveling across the time and space to the world of microcosmic insects and mysterious dragons in the distant Milky Way. The Museum consists of Cosmic Theatre, Insect Theatre, Dinosaur Theatre and Insect Museum, an amazing place to be stunned and moved.

Access from Park hotels:
20 minutes by Tobu Bus from Kinugawa Hot Spring Station, and 3 more minutes on walk to the 3D Museum of Cosmos and Dinosaur

Nikko Monkey Scouts
Nikko Monkey Scout is a household name for well shown in TV. Here the adorable monkeys perform in groups, together with the chief and trainers. You will have great fun and laughter in the performance. We also have souvenir shop and restaurant in the scout show.

Access from Park hotels:
20 minutes b Tobu us from Kinugawa Hot Spring Station and drop at Monkey School. 20 minutes on walk from Shin-takatoku Station.

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