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Park Cottage
The Park Cottage is a fashionable, casual and private space.
Each room is decorated by different coloring and interior. You will be escorted to Garden restaurant, or Garden Terrace, where you will enjoy natural coloring of four seasons. Also, you will enjoy scenery of plentiful nature over the window.

Guest rooms
A guest room example(1)
A guest room example(2)
Scenery example

A dinner example("Restaurant")

[ Restaurant for Park Cottage ]
Each and every dish is a vocative of Kinugawa and the flavors of the 4 seasons.
The heart and mind & spirit are satisfied all at once.

Dining is a "Kinu no kagaribi" or "Tsuki no niwa"
[ Japanese-style restaurant "Kaishokujou" ]
Our Dining Room (Tsuru no ma) is a Japanese Style Tatami room, with tables and chairs.
Japanese dishes will be served, with locally grown ingredience, such as the famous Nikko Yuba (Soy milk skins) and meat cooked on ceramic slates.

A dinner example("Kaishokujou")

A dinner example("Tsukimitei")
[ Japanese-style restaurant "Tsukimitei" ]
While staring at the bonfire or listening to the sounds of the waterfall or the stillness of the pond; this is the place to enjoy & cherish simple & fine dining.
Please enjoy the unique tempura dishes made from local ingredients at

*This meal in the photo is one such example.
*The menu may vary depending on the season and stock.

About guest rooms

32 guest rooms.
Bath room, rest room, air conditioning in each room.

Please be informed:
We do not accommodate children. Only adults can use Park-Cottage.
2 guests are the maximum per room.
You are able to wear Yukata in public.

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