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The Kino-yakata's theme is an appreciation of beauties of nature.
Each room's interior is coordinated in different way. Japanese traditional coloring and contrivance are revived and arranged for a modern style. Also, amenities such as Living room, guestroom, bathroom and rest room are coordinated in the united tone of color. You will find and experience beauties of Japanese tradition, and enjoy magnificent view of elegant stream of the river of Kinugawa over the window.

Four storied guest rooms:
A guest room example(1)
A guest room example(2)
A VIP room example

Private open-air bath (available on prior request)
Private open-air bath example
A guest room example

Shigaraki Ware open air bath
6 rooms enjoying the beautiful seasonal view of Kinugawa River.

Hinoki(Japanese cypress) open air bath
2 rooms enjoying the beautiful seasonal view of Kinugawa River.

A dinner example(Meal served in the room)

[ Meal served in the room ]
Bringing together the beautiful ingredients from the mountains, villages & seas,"Miki no zen" kaiseki cuisine is respectfully and carefully prepared for your enjoyment.
Every dish satisfies your heart and testes.
Each and every dish is a vocative of Kinugawa and the flavors of the 4 seasons.
The heart and mind & spirit are satisfied all at once.
[ Japanese-style restaurant "Tsukimitei" ]
While staring at the bonfire or listening to the sounds of the waterfall or the stillness of the pond; this is the place to enjoy & cherish simple & fine dining.
Please enjoy the unique tempura dishes made from local ingredients at
A dinner example("Tsukimitei")

*This meal in the photo is one such example.
*The menu may vary depending on the season and stock.
*Please don't hesitate to inform us if you have any food allergies.

Guest rooms
Capacity for 150 guests total
18 deluxe rooms
8 rooms with private open-air bath
2 suite (Japanese style bed clothes and twin bed)

Please be informed:
We do not offer Western style bed in Kino-yakata, but offer Japanese style bedclothes (Futon).
6 guests are the maximum per room (8 guests for suite)
You are able to wear Yukata in public.

Bath room, rest room, towels, Yukata (Japanese robe), shampoo, rinse, toothbrush, hair dryer, safety razor in each guest room.

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