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Hot springs
There are varieties of bath such as wooden bath tab (Japanese cypress), open-air bath, Ooedo-ukiyo-buro (the image of interior designing comes from the bath in Edo period), a bath tub, which looks like a boat (boat bath). There are 4 “Private open-air bathes.”

Yakatabune-buro(boat bath)


Oodaru-buro(big barrel)

Kodai-hinoki-buro(old japanese cypres)

Roten-buro(open-air bath)
Please be informed:
Bath room (“Hot springs” in this case) is shared with other guests, but not for private use.
Hot springs bath for public: 5:00~9:30, 15:00~19:40, 20:00~24:00

Private open-air bath

Private open-air bath: 24hrs available

Shampoo and the soap are not usable

In the lobby, wireless LAN is usable("FREESPOT")
Coffee Lounge "Ooruri" : 7:00~10:00
Souvenir shop: 7:00~10:00, 15:00~22:00
Snack shop "Shimotsuke" : 20:00~24:00
Club "Linden" 20:00~24:00(Japanese style bar)
Karaoke rooms (2 rooms)
Mashiko Ware Gallery "Michikusa"
Swimming pool (Summer time only)

A lunch example

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